Dream. Plan. Work.

Vividly imagine your dream life.
Plan out actionable steps to achieve it.
Work your plan. Every day.

Darren Cook

Game/Web Dev + Musician + Writer + TRPG/CRPG Gamer + B-Baller = RADIOACTIVE MONSTER

Work is life. Live it with passion.

When I was about ten years old, I read a lot and I loved to study. I lost myself within fantastical worlds from both books and Commodore 64 games. I began learning to program and learning to play guitar. My life's passions were chosen.

My Dreams. My Work.

I never felt as though I was wasting my time on one or the other after I made them both the same.

Game Development

I've wanted to make games since I first sat spellbound by Ultima III on my Commodore 64. Now I do using Unity and C# along with a host of graphics and audio tools including Blender, Armor Paint, and the Affinity suite of applications.

Web Development

For the last ten years it has gifted me with full-time work using mostly C# and SQL Server for the back end and traditional HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the front along with frameworks and libraries like Vue and Bootstrap. I am also heavily experienced in both creating and integrating with RESTful APIs.


My father bought me a classic black and white Fender Strat and a small practice amp when I was a boy. Fast-forward nearly four decades and I play 8-string guitars through amp modelers, and I do my writing and recording in Studio One 4.


The appeal of writing is universal. Nearly every child at some point invariably proclaims with bold certainty that he wants to be a writer. From marketing copy to how-to tech books to genre yarns, writing has been a very natural fit for me.


What do you get when you cross a passionate creative, a tireless scholar and a relentless worker? I'll let you stew on that one while I get back to work.